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The Private Banking universe has migrated away from the curated full service offered by Swiss Banks decades ago to a very much arms length digital offering, and half way back again.
At Lucayas we are very much of the belief that humans like interaction with humans, with a good dose of technical support to enhance the experience.
Therefore we offer E Banking but with dedicated relationship managers, traders and execution specialists to offer in person support for all of your desired financial activities.

In addition we provide support and solutions for integrating wealth management into your everyday life, whether you need Trust services, legal advice or residency in The Bahamas we are here to help.
Our model is Concierge Banking with advanced technology to support our services which include:


  • Private banking and wealth management – Lucayas offers personalized classic offshore banking services including accepting multi-currency deposit.
  • Discretionary Portfolio Management and Advisory Services tailored to the investment objectives of each client.
  • Trading and Brokerage/Execution Only offered and operable during all major market time zones by our dedicated team.
  • Comprehensive Custodian Services including multi-asset processing and settlements, corporate actions, fiscal reporting, recordkeeping, money and securities transfers to name a few.

Lucayas can also offer open-architecture Asset management services tailored to private and institutional clients specific needs and corporate services such as the creation of Trusts or IBCs and Treasury Management.

Additional services can be offered throughout the Group Network and expertise, looking for anything special, contact us, it will be a pleasure helping you!